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Digital Menü Board Solutions

Digital Menü Board Solutions

Menu Board System solutions Users can publish desired product images at any time and in sequence. In addition, updates such as menus and prices of all products can be made instantly or from a single center for a future date and time.

With these systems, menu and price changes can be easily updated remotely and within minutes. Special announcements regarding morning, noon or evening menus can be made instantly during the day.

It is used in the areas of Fast Food, Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets and Movie Theaters.Menu Board Systems allow price changes without the need for paper/poster printing costs in branches and reduce company costs. It also makes a positive contribution to the environment.

When you want to make your business more luxurious and more comfortable, you can benefit from menu board systems. Thanks to these systems that can be managed remotely, you can now leave traditional menus aside and switch to this system that can attract the attention of your customers. Menu board systems offer you multiple functions and ease of use together. You can control prices remotely, arrange hourly and make your business look more elegant.

Thanks to the menu board systems used in many areas, it will be possible to minimize contact during the pandemic period. These systems, which are mostly used in fast food, restaurants or buffets, provide a service to the advantage of both customers and business owners. We offer menu board systems for your needs.

Digital Menu Board Usage Areas

In chain restaurants; Making menu changes in chain restaurants and printing the menus on paper causes both time and cost loss. By using the menu board, you can manage your menus as you wish in a very short time. In addition, one of the most negative situations that chain restaurants encounter is that the food or drinks removed from the menu are still included in the paper menus. This creates a negative perception for business prestige for customers. It is recommended to use the menu board to overcome such situations.

In cafes; The density of people in cafes is quite high. For this reason, menu boards can be used instead of giving menus to all customers one by one or asking what the products they want are. In this way, faster communication will take place. In addition, menu board systems are one of the methods that will contribute to making interiors look more elegant.

In buffets; menu board systems are literally saviors for buffets. Because buffets are located in very small areas, traditionally prepared menus may cause too many people to accumulate in the buffet. But in the menu board menus, there are no problems in this way. Since the daily menu changes or all the products in the menu are reflected on the led screens, customers can easily see the products they want to buy on the screens and create their orders quickly.

Cinema or arcades; Thanks to the menu board screens located at the back of the cinema or game halls, movie sessions and movie times can be found in detail. Visitors who come to the movie theater can easily make their choices without queuing or waiting too long, thanks to the menu board.

Of course, the menu board can be used not only in these areas, but also in school canteens, markets and any area imaginable. Thanks to its ease of use, many businesses now prefer to use menu boards instead of traditional, paper-based menus.

Favorite Features of Menu Boards

With Menu board, you don't need to change your menus every time costly. The advantages of the services you will receive from our company are;

You can always keep your menus up to date; The menu board can be easily controlled remotely from the digital environment. It will be easier and more practical to use these menus, especially in chain restaurants.

Always stand out; business owners can prepare remarkable menus. For example, you can add a menu board by writing the products in the campaign in larger or different colors. You can also write the products that you want to stand out in larger letters so that they attract attention.

You can make changes to it at any time; It is possible to publish your planned menus automatically thanks to the menu board. For example, on certain days of the week or at certain times of the day, you want it to be on the menu. You can automatically add trace products to the menu board.