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Industrial Screen Solutions

Industrial Screen Solutions

Industrial Displays are the messages of businesses or institutions to customers and visitors, advertisements, are the screens designed to show their information and presentations from a higher quality source.

Shopping malls, schools, entertainment centers, public institutions, reception desks, advertising presentations, These screens, which are produced especially for use areas with Digital Signage, such as showcases, meeting rooms, 7/16 and high-life screens suitable for 24/7 working hours. Industrial display, which has become the new favorite of businesses The solutions bring with them many advantages. First of all, these systems, which bring a new vision to the business, It also makes businesses look more modern and stylish. For this reason, almost every workplace now has industrial screens. systems transitioned. For both your small workplaces and your workplaces with larger capacity You can switch to industrial display solutions for But these systems must be done by a professional firm. must be done. In this way, better solutions will be offered to all your needs and you will stay away from all possible problems. you will be.

The Advantages of Industrial Display Systems

Industrial displays can be used both indoors and outdoors. This Therefore, you should approach it more carefully when choosing. Especially for outdoor use There are some features that industrial screens must have. These are;

  • must be dustproof; If you want to advertise your brand or business outdoors, You can place industrial screens at certain points. On the other hand, you can also use this right in front of your business or on its showcase. You can position the screens. But at this point, outdoor conditions such as rain, dust or car gases, these screens should not affect it at all. Therefore, when making your choices, choose durable products suitable for outdoor conditions. you must. We provide full service from our company, which always provides you with the highest quality service both before and after sales. You can get support. Dust resistant and environmental conditions in the industrial display services we provide for you. We offer durable products. In this way, you can use it for many years.
  • must be weatherproof; As it is known, our country is in a position to experience four seasons. For this reason, when purchasing industrial display services, choose products that are resistant to factors such as rain, snow and wind. you must. These systems are not dustproof, but also rainwater and windproof. In addition, heating problems are more common in devices that are constantly running. In devices that heat up more with the effect of the sun, Situations such as the burning of led lamps are common. This causes the device to deform in a shorter time. You We provide service with products that are resistant to weather events.
  • Low power consumption; One of the most important issues in industrial display systems with large screens is energy. consumption. The detail that will most interest you in the services we provide is low power savings. Therefore immediately You can get service from our company.
  • Sunlight readable; sunlight reflected on the monitor outdoors can make reading difficult. Our company serves you with the most suitable solutions for the current conditions.
  • Resistant to human intervention; Industrial display systems used in public areas are constantly may be subject to interference. Outsiders may touch, strike or attempt to damage the screen. With the outdoor safes we offer for you, these systems are highly resistant to external interventions. is coming.
  • Low cost compared to other advertising systems; advertisements on papers outside or other factors, it can be torn and deformed very quickly. Definitely this style in industrial displays problems do not occur. On the other hand, you can manage your ads or campaigns remotely. With very small interventions you can change the text or picture you want in minutes.

Where to Use Industrial Display?

Industrial display solutions are suitable for use in every conceivable field. Advertising businesses indoors It is used to give a message to the customer or to convey topics such as advertisements to people. Outdoors too it is also used for advertisement changes or to describe announcements.