Kiosk Prices 2022

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Kiosk Prices 2022

These screen systems, which are frequently seen in shopping malls and museums, are preferred for use in the production process in advanced businesses. Considering the pricing in 2021, Kiosk prices will increase in 2022 with increasing technology costs. Playing in the price range is estimated to be several thousand TL compared to last year.
When examined in terms of features at current prices, there are models in the very cheap price range between 5,000 and 10,000 TL, as well as pricing between 40,000 and 50,000 TL. Kiosk prices will have a minimum value of 10.000 TL and above after increasing pricing and price hikes in 2022.

Kiosk Display

When the kiosk is examined in terms of screen features, it contains many different software elements. It also includes operating system, internet connection and many other features. While the screens provide information to the users, it is possible to benefit from video and visual content, do research on the internet or categorize only the products of the brand depending on the feature of the model, discount information, etc. can be created to use features.
All these Kiosk display features are provided with a certain software setting. A system that is fairly simple to setup requires software similar to PC setup. After the interface is set, it will be ready to use easily after the control operations and touch settings are done.

Kiosk Models

Kiosk has different brands and models. All models are used for a separate feature and purpose. Pricing for all models is roughly the same. Kiosk models are as follows;
  • Information Kiosk models
  • Kiosk models for sales and advertising
  • Service kiosk models
  • Promotional kiosk models
  • Kiosk models for menu purposes
Kiosk models, which are for information purposes, are generally used to inform a business, a historical place, the features of the works in museums, etc. It is intended to provide information on the subject. Kiosk models for sales and advertising purposes are used to promote the brand's products to customers, to provide discount information or to direct them to various products.
While service kiosk models are mostly used to get information or support about services, promotional kiosks are kiosks that are used to talk about the detailed features of a product, an address or any material, as well as brand promotion.
Finally, kiosk models for menu purposes are used in food menus to introduce pricing, promotion and food materials. In addition, in these models, it is possible to list every product in the stores online and make them ready for purchase. Thus, you can create a product list without wasting time in the store.

Kiosk Second Hand

Is it possible to buy the kiosk as second hand, is it possible to have problems with the second hand kiosks? It is quite possible to buy the kiosk as a second hand, when the prices are examined. Some businesses may sell the product because they do not find it necessary. In this case, you can procure the product second hand in order to provide a good service in your business. Here are the things to consider if you are buying these products second hand;
  • Product touch status and quality
  • Charge and energy battery control
  • Internet and smart system details
  • Replaced parts and warranty status
Kios can be purchased second hand when all this is checked and no problems are found. It is useful to get technical support for this. These features are not noticeable when seen with the naked eye.
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