What is Videowall?

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What is Videowall?

  • Attract attention in product promotion
  • Introducing the brand's products with clear and understandable visuals
  • Creating a different decoration system
  • Because it is borderless, screen color transitions are preserved
Videowall has advantages as well as disadvantages. These technologies, which are known to consume very high energy, can cause a high price and extra bill costs. For this reason, it is mostly preferred by large corporate companies and businesses with a high budget for promotion.

Videowall Types

Videowall types are known with 4 different models. The most well-known of these is known as the classic videowall. In these, systems can be created sequentially up to 4 - 9 - 12 or even 16 screens side by side. In terms of videowall features, it can offer this type of display width. When placed side by side, easy installation and connection is possible.
Control room systems are also among the most well-known Videowall types. In these, they are used for the inspection of cameras from various angles seen in camera recording control rooms. These systems are frequently seen in shopping mall security rooms, mobese registration centers of municipalities and police stations.
The other 2 types of videowalls are also known for their sequencing and shaping properties. It is known as Videowall variants created by side-by-side screen models and mixed grading. The main purpose here is not to give pleasure to the viewer with the image, but to create decoration and diversify.

Videowall Systems

Videowall systems have a network that can be set up with computer control. The televisions that come side by side on the screens easily become a single screen with the connection systems. Thus, it is possible to direct and use the image you want in the way you want. Videowall systems operate differently in all models. The control room videowall system works with a simple system, each broadcasted content has a different display mode.
It creates systems with color and image transitions on decoration type screens known as Digital Artwall. In this system, it is possible to have a different theme and design on each screen, as well as adjusting a single decor or image from different angles.
Finally, videowall systems, which are used for multiple connections in a single screen image, which is the classical usage, are used to directly transmit either satellite connection, computer image, video or slide broadcast with its mirroring feature.

Videowall Prices

Videowall prices can be sold as a single system or priced individually. The common pricing range in Videowall prices varies according to screen inch, quality, image size and number of screens. For low-budget transactions, Videowall prices such as 4 x 2 screens and 3 x 2 vary between 30,000 and 50,000 TL, while the cost of even larger screens can be priced between 100,000 - 200,000 TL.
The sales of the products can be in stores that produce and sell various electronic products, as well as the sales of large-scale manufacturers over the internet. The delivery and installation processes of the products can also be included in the services of the companies in this respect.

Videowall Rental

Due to the high cost of purchasing a Videowall, short-term rentals may be in question. Videowall rental companies that provide this type of service provide you with rental prices far below the normal value. An upfront fee is paid for rental transactions. Afterwards, the desired number of screen systems are purchased and then the screens are delivered to the delivery place for installation in a short time.

Videowall Installation

All that is required for the Videowall installation is to align the screens together, arrange them and connect them to the computer systems. Thus, the desired single image can be projected onto the screen by editing and adding software on the screen, or single projection can be applied in the form of segmentation, just like in the video control feature.
The reflection systems of such advanced screens can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis to be used in large meeting rooms or events. Day-to-day services are not uncommon, as rentals will require long-term Videowall installation.
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