What is Digital Signage?

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What is Digital Signage?

  • Giving directions inside the mall
  • Creating a product catalog
  • Promote brands
  • Reporting a new development in written form
  • Guiding with the main menu system
With the rapid effect of electronic technology, users can pay attention to visual elements. It is possible to see the features of the products, the discount campaigns and the changing prices at many shopping points on the Digital Signage screen. This system, which is very effective in terms of promotion, is used for directions and interactive journalism. The best answers to the question of where to use Digital Signage are that tourism institutions, educational institutions, museums and historical places can use it instead of the billboards used by the government to provide information.

What is Digital Display

What is a digital display and what is it used for? Digital screens are technologies that can be used to project images and watch video and advertising content under host computer control. Digital screens, which mostly have the same function as the projection system, are used to transfer images and to display content that everyone can see from a high position in a crowded environment.
Digital display are advanced technologies that are preferred to use long-term video content, movies and other watchable promotional elements. Digital screens, known for their timer modeling as well as their video viewing features, can also be used as stopwatches or digital clock systems.

Digital Signage Prices

Digital Signage prices may vary according to their size. In terms of models, the inch features of Digital Signage systems are used as foot systems. Digital Signage prices used as small screens are priced between 2.500 and 10.000 TL with a minimum price. This pricing varies according to product image quality, inch specifications and brand difference. The usage areas of small screens are the same as general computer screen use.
Large screens are preferred to be used in the promotion process. The sizes of high-inch screens are known as 43-49 inches on average. These pedestal-fixed models can be found at the entrances of stores, on the ground floors of shopping malls, and at public transport stops. The link works with a certain routing system. The average Digital Signage prices of these products vary between 15,000 and 18,000 TL.
You can obtain these products from various technology stores, websites and many display manufacturers. The important thing in orders is image quality and correct perception of operating systems. Installation systems are implemented with a host orientation. It is also possible to install products on demand.

Digital Signage Turkey

Digital Signage is generally preferred by large manufacturers and corporate companies in the Turkish market. Individual users may prefer tablet and laptop technologies instead of Digital Signage technology due to its high pricing and its function only to reflect. Apart from this, manufacturers can also use these technologies in large stadiums by partitioning them together with Videowall systems.
In terms of price policy, these technologies are not produced by pairing them with a new brand in the Digital Signage Turkish market. Generally, products can be imported and used and sold.

Digital Signage Digital Software Free

Digital Signage digital software can be downloaded free of charge over the Internet. Free software works with mirroring process by completing the installation easily via computer connection. Digital Signage is reflected on the screen with the bluetooth technology of the systems. From here, customers are introduced to the product, the brand's logo and discounts are explained, or it is also used for directions as seen in various squares.

Open Source Digital Signage

The technology called Open Source Digital Signage is mostly known as large-scale screens in shopping mall entrances. The feature of these screens is that they are recognized as a touch operating system. From here, which store you want to go to, floor information, how to go and the environment map are displayed with a clear coding.
With these systems, it is possible to promote your brand, to place advertisements, and to constantly watch the current images in slide form. Considering a certain fee cost, it will be a very good choice for a remarkable advertising work. The installation and delivery process of the products is fast. You can enable customers to visit your brand with the product's routing features…
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