What is Interactive Display?

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What is Interactive Display?

  • A computer system and software may be installed
  • Internet connection can be provided either wired or wireless.
  • It is possible to mirror images and access over the internet
  • Download, upload and various computer or phone functions are available on these screens
  • Has touch screen features
  • Interactive screen audio systems provide a good using experience
Other uses of interactive displays are known as museums, meeting rooms and conferences. Unlike the projection system, this technology is the most ideal for performing much faster processing. Their prices are quite expensive, and if a high cost is not planned, it is not preferred. Because the prices of these giant screens, which have the most advanced technology features, vary between 30,000 and 100,000 TL.

How Does the LED Display Work?

How does the LED display work? LED screens with the highest image resolution are among today's advanced imaging technologies. It provides light with the energy transfer of the electrical connection and the LED connections located under the screen. Unlike LCD televisions, fluorescent lighting is not used in LED displays. Due to the light refraction feature, there is no reflection problem in LED screens. Other features of high resolution LED displays are as follows;
  • They are not affected by cold or hot weather conditions
  • White light reflections and spots are blocked
  • Backlight illumination can show the difference in color transitions.
  • Provides higher illumination than other television systems
  • LED displays have long-lasting use
In terms of production cost, LED screens can be more expensive than LCD televisions, as they are much more costly. In addition, in various light reflection transitions, LCD televisions provide an easier transition in white and black colors, LED televisions are less developed in terms of color protection. Interactive display technologies are generally used as LED display systems.

LED Display Systems

LED display systems are created similarly to today's OLED displays, with many different lighting features. Unlike old-style LCD screens, LED display systems, which have a much longer life and high image quality, have many different screen sizes. While refractions are higher in the lighting properties of high-inch screens, higher quality resolution is noticed in the color transitions of average-inch screens. The general features of LED display systems are as follows;
  • Internet connection and Smart TV features are available
  • Ultra HD and 4K screen resolution available
  • On the screens, which have a very fast operating system, card systems have been used instead of satellite connections.
  • Provides wide-angle image reflections
  • According to the lighting features, there are direct lighting, edge lighting and array lighting parts.

LED Display Solutions

LED display solutions vary for indoor and outdoor displays. Although screen resolution problems are not common in outdoor displays, deficiencies and distortions are observed in color transitions. As a solution to this, the best thing to do is to use less image brightness of the connection. Extremely high brightness distortions can be found in almost every screen among LED screen solutions.
For this, changing the screen to the natural or just vivid option from the screen settings features will correct the color distortions on the screen. Another problem experienced in LED screens is the permanent burning problem in indoor screens. These lighting systems, which serve to provide high resolution, can cause excessive changes in the image, long-term use, etc. It can be seen as screen burn due to reasons.
In this case, what needs to be done is to replace the LED screen. In order to protect the screen health, it is useful to be careful in long-term use of LED screens, as in almost every television. You can apply for the technical support of many brands on the internet for LED display solutions.

Professional Display Screens

Professional viewing screens are often located in the workplace rather than the home. Interactive screens and professional display screens with high image quality are used to be used in meetings. In meetings and conferences, the view of many users can be provided thanks to high resolution, wide screens. Apart from this, Videowall systems can also be preferred for the same function.
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